Meet the Compassionate Insurance Benefits Expert
Behind Our Company

With over a decade as a devoted member of the Latanier community, Cori Richerson’s family and farm have truly been a source of joy.

Teeming with horses, cattle, chickens, goats, and a delightful array of dogs, their farm may seem a tad overwhelming to the unacquainted. However, the family’s deep-rooted passion for agriculture fuels their resolve.

Cori’s husband, Josh, and their son, Case, add to the excitement and dynamism of her everyday life.

Her inclination towards helping others and bringing clarity to complex situations has always been a driving force in her life.

This passion, coupled with her belief in the principles of love, truth, and reciprocity as instilled by her faith, serves as the guiding principles in both her personal life and professional endeavors.

As an insurance benefits specialist, Cori strives to bring these values to the fore. She specializes in health insurance and Medicare, providing education and seminars to help individuals make informed decisions on health insurance.

This is not just a business for Cori; it's a calling to spread truth and love through her professional life.